If you’re hoping to minimise your costs when buying blinds, whilst taking advantage of high quality results, then the chances are that you will be considering the internet. The World Wide Web is the largest market on the planet and finding a reputable service can be fairly straight forward. When doing something a little more specific, such as choosing a blind installation company, you will most likely want to find one that’s in your area – and perhaps one that will also provide the blinds, too.

There are plenty of online companies that offer these features, but this can act to make your selection even harder than it has to be! When looking for a good installation company via the web, here are a few specific features to look out for to help you to ensure that you don’t just find a great deal; but that you also pick one of the most efficient services out there.


If you live in the centre of Melbourne, then it won’t make much sense to hire an installation specialist that lives on the other side of the country. By keeping things local, you will be able to schedule your visit at a time and date that suits you, whilst helping to ensure that your installer will stand the best chance of getting to you as planned.


There’s nothing worse than receiving an exciting new item for your home – only to be forced to wait for days, if not weeks to have it properly installed. This is where your provider’s availability comes in to the fray. If they can promise to be with you on time and on a day that suits your schedule, then you’ll already be half way to enjoying your brand new blinds.


When booking an expert, it’s always important to take a note of their fees as these will typically be on top of the cost of buying your blinds. Some specialists charge by the hour, while others will propose a set fee. In either event, be sure to think about your budget and how much you can afford to dedicate to the installation.

Good companies will make a point of being as flexible about their services as they are fair with their rates. As long as they prioritise your needs, you’ll be enjoying your brand new blinds in no time.