How to Order Custom T Shirts Online

Personalised garments, unlike their regular counterparts which are often found within stores, can provide a great sense of exclusivity. Being able to order one, two, or five of the same shirt that you’ve personally designed can be very appealing – and with costs now at an all-time low, there’s never been a better reason to have your own unique style printed by professionals.

The best option will be to order custom t shirts online – a process that might sound a little technical, but can in fact be as simple as the manufacturing company makes it. Now, you might be wondering how best to order the type of shirts that you are looking for on the internet, so here’s a short guide to help you with the ordering process (as defined by leading websites like PrintLocker).

Step One – Choose a Garment

The first thing that you will need to do will be to choose a style of shirt (or even hooded top, sweater, or tank top). Once you’ve decided on the style you will be able to pick from a variety of colours – all of which will typically be made from 100% cotton for your added comfort, whilst being durable too.

Step Two – Upload Your Design

If you’ve created a design now would be the ideal time to upload it, so that it can be digitally applied to your chosen garment. If you’re not a designer, or if you’d prefer to take a pick of the most popular images and phrases available, then sites like the one mentioned above will have those features as well. Alternatively, you could simply opt to have a bit of text added in a style that appeals to you.

Step Three – Finalise Your Order

Once your design has been uploaded, or chosen from the selection available, the final step will be to preview your item of clothing and then proceed with finalising your order. At this stage you will be able to choose to have any number of prints made; from just a single item, all the way to fifty or more – depending on your preferences.