Your Guide to Buying Cheap Plasma TV'sYour guide to buying a Plasma TV for cheap

The Best Cheap Plasma TV's

After exhaustive review periods and gleaning helpful feedback from owners, we have rated the top best, cheap Plasma TVs available on the market today.

Note that the prices below are MSRP, and are not what you will actually pay. Visit the Where to Buy page to learn how to find the cheapest prices on each of these models. Many will see discounts from 20-50% off of the MSRPs below. That's what we mean by cheap plasma TVs!

Also note that some of the Plasma TVs below are HDTV-capable, where as others are not HDTV, but are still able to display a progressive scan picture for enhanced DVD viewing. Check here for the Basics of HDTV for more information, and follow the links below for detailed information on each cheap Plasma TV.

Our Current Top Pick (October 2006):
Panasonic TH-42PX60U 42-inch Plasma TV Review

MSRP: $2100.00