Your guide to buying a Plasma TV for cheap

Zenith P42W22B 42-inch Plasma Television Review
MSRP: $5,499

Quick Take:

The P42W22B plasma television from this Korean manufacturer falls short in picture quality, even considering it's cheap price (street prices below $3,000). It offers standard 852x480 resolution in a 16:9 widescreen format, and also includes DVI support. Despite it's discount price, we cannot recommend this TV compared to it's 42-inch peers.


- One of the lowest priced 42-inch Plasma TV models
- Unique Vertical Display Mode allows display to be rotated 90-degrees for a 480x852 resolution. Most likely only for use as a business/store display in this mode.
- Looks best in bright lighting conditions


- Picture is not clear; can be best described as having a fuzzy feel to it for non-DVD sources
- Poor contrast levels results in light black tones, and poor viewing in darker rooms
- Color, brightness, and image sharpness cannot compare to similarily priced 42-inch plasmas