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Plasma TV versus LCD TV

Both Plasma and LCD TV technologies are advancing rapidly, and prices have fallen dramatically since both were introduced. Both definitely represent two of the best new television technologies and generally offer excellent picture quality. Of course, there are advantages for both Plasma and LCD TV technologies. To help you decide which is the right for you, we have prepared the following Plasma vs. LCD overview.

Screen size

Currently, Plasma TVs have the advantage of offering larger screen sizes. Commonly available Plasma TV screen sizes include 32-inch, 42-inch, 50-inch and 63-inch models. LCD TVs are currently limited mainly to smaller sizes, ranging from 10-inch to 40-inch models (with 40-inch models just now becoming available). However, manufacturers such as Sharp, Samsung and NEC are currently working on larger LCD models (up to 54-inches), so expect screen sizes to increase considerably over the next few years. It should be noted that the technology behind LCD TVs is more flexible, allowing a wider variety of screen sizes. This may be important if you are looking for a particular screen size.


Again, currently, Plasma TVs have the advantage over LCDs. Higher production volume allows Plasma TVs to compete very favorably compared to LCD TVs, especially considering screen size. Of course, both technologies are seeing fairly rapidly price decreases as manufacturing technologies and volumes improve. Currently, 42-inch Plasma TV MSRPs range from $3000-$6000, while 30-inch LCD TVs often are priced similarly. Street prices are lower for both of course.

Picture Quality

Currently, picture quality for both Plasma TVs and LCD TVs are very close. The most recent LCD TVs have caught up to Plasma TVs in regards to color saturation and brightness. Many of the most recent LCD TVs will actually perform better in regards to contrast when viewed in a very bright room - something to keep in mind if your viewing room receives a lot of ambient light. Some of the newest LCD TVs actually offer more lifelike color display over Plasma TVs. Additionally, LCD TVs generally hold a resolution advantage over Plasma TVs, especially when comparing similar screen sizes. A greater number of LCD TVs support HDTV as a result. However, both Plasma and LCD TVs offer excellent picture quality (depending on the model of course), so buyers of both should be quite satisfied.

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